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It’s Cheeky Time: Review, Swatches, & Photos of NARS Danmari Palette

NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Palette: Review, Swatches, & Photos

I’ve been meaning to do this review for a while now but I wanted to try all the colors out completely first before reporting back to you all!

So here is a quick, Overall Rating for NARS Danmari Palette:

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Revlon Lip Butters: Review, Swatches, and Photos

Revlon Lip Butters: Review, Swatches, and Photos

I’m totally stoked to be doing this review for you. These Revlon Lip Butters have been raved about by every blogger known to (wo)man! I’m still in shock that I managed to grab 4 Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter on my last visit to CVS! Why you may ask? These lippies have been flying off the shelves, I actually had to do a drive around to three different CVS to grab some (haha). Yes, I am that committed to you all. 

So, here’s the Overall Review (for the break down please keep reading):

4 Colors (out of 20 colors available):

  • Strawberry Shortcake - Warm Bright Pink with some Silver Shimmer
  • Peach Parfait - Peachy Pink with Gold Shimmer
  • Berry Smoothie - Pink Berry with some Berry Tone Shimmer
  • Creme Brulee - Brown Nude with some Silver Shimmer


(Left to Right: Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, Creme Brulee)

My Thoughts on…



From the exterior, the packaging is has a cute design. It was a nice thought to make the caps different translucent colors, so its easier to find what color you may be looking for. The twisting of the lipstick upward for application was smooth (Tried it with one hand, it was easy). 


The most upsetting part of the packaging was quite clear. The lower black portion has a really small area to hold on to. Making it difficult to pull the cap off. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get to the lipstick (lol). The twisting area is a shiny surface, making it easy to leave fingerprints and causing it to look “dirty.” Eek, last thing I want to do is to pull out my lipstick for retouch and show to the world how “gross” it looks. Eh well, I am O.C.D. with these things. Some of you guys might not find it a big deal. 



The pigmentation is really good for a sheer-medium lip balm (as stated on With 2 to 3 swipes, the pigmentation is just like a regular lipstick with a shiny sheen. I’ve actually tried wearing it all day without application to test out the longevity and the color lasted for 7 1/2 hours. Although by the last hour, it wasn’t as bright as first application, the color was still noticeable. The moisturization was great when first applied, it glide on easily. Oh…and to add a quick last PRO, I must say for it being lip balms, the color selection is AWESOME!


Sadly, I felt that it needed reapplicationto keep the hydration going. After about 4 hours it turns out that my lips began to feel waxy, and slightly sticky. It accentuated some dry/cracked area of my lips. I’m still satisfied with the look when it was first applied though. 


Being a drugstore product, this isn’t cheap for lip butters AKA sheer color lip balm (at $7.49)! When compared to other drugstore brands that offers similar promise (color + hydration! Cough* Baby Lips Cough* ), I’m feeling like its over-priced at regular price. Only grab these when your local drugstores offers a DISCOUNT on Revlon products (Hint: no need to run there, they’re a permanent to the line).

KISS kiss,


Additional Photos:

(Left to Right: Strawberry Shortcake and Peach Parfait)

(Left to Right: Berry Smoothie and Creme Brulee)




Will you be getting these? If you already own some, what are your favorite colors?

Leave me a comment below


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Getting Naked Again: Review, Swatches, & Photos of Naked 2


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: Review, Swatches, & Photos

   Product Details (As listed on

Naked2 has 12 pigment-rich, taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows, including FIVE NEW shades.


What’s Included?

12 Eyeshadows (Listed by finish):


  • Foxy - Yellow Beige
  • Tease - Mauve (Plum-ish brown)
  • Blackout - Deep Black


  • Chopper - Pinky Orange with Silver Glitter


  • Half-Baked - Broze, Gold
  • Bootycall - Light, Peach Beige 
  • Snakebite - Mid-tone to Deep, Warm Brown
  • Suspect - Champagne - Taupe
  • Pistol - Grey Brown
  • Verve - Light Silver Grey Beige
  • YDK - Pinky Brown Champagne
  • Busted - Deep Burgundy

(Left to Right [order of finish]: Foxy (Matte), Tease (Matte), Blackout (Matte), Chopper (Glitter), Half Baked (Shimmer), Snakebite (Shimmer), Suspect (Shimmer), Pistol (Shimmer), Verve (Shimmer), YDK (Shimmer), Busted (Shimmer))





Lip Junkie:

  • Naked

Exclusive Dual Ended Brush:

  • Flat Brush 

  • Blending Brush 

My Thoughts On…


I am really in love with this palette’s exterior. Its sleek, tin like packaging makes it strong and durable. The nice glossy cover over the tin makes it so easy to clean smudges or fingerprints. So good so far! Peering inside the palette makes me even happier. The large size mirror is perfect for traveling. Its a good size to be able to see what you’re putting on your eyes, instead of trying to use your non-existing magnifying glass (hehe). What I also thought is a nice touch to the packaging, would definitely be the adjustable hinge that allows you to move the mirror to any angle so it is easier to see.

Best part of all, for me though, would have to be the secure snap closure of the palette. Its like a sound of beautiful music when I hear the click. Makes me feel much more confident that the eyeshadows are safe and that my investment won’t go to waste. 


Starting off, swatching the matte eyeshadows I wasn’t that thrilled with them. Foxy and Tease need a little push, in terms of rubbing the shadows, to finally get a good color pay off. Not as buttery texture as does all the shimmer finish shadows. Out of the matte finish, I like Blackout the most. The color was really good and it didn’t need as much ‘rubbing’ like the others. The glitter shadow, Chopper, was really good to me. I didn’t really experience any glitter fall out like some have mentioned. Lastly, the shimmer finish shadows were wonderful. I enjoyed them all, from texture to pigmentation…one word: "PERFECTION."


For $50.00 ($234 estimated value)and receiving 12 eyeshadows, 5 being new PLUS dual ended brush and lip junkie, I thought it’s totally worth it. Great buddy for traveling and ‘On-the-go’ Ladies! This set is great for those who are starting out with makeup! You might want to pass for those with cooler skin tone, this palette is on the warmer side. Not unless of course you are a makeup junkie and no amount of makeup is EVER enough (hehe like me!). However, for those of you who does not care so much for neutrals, I would pass on this one! UD’s Book of Shadows contain lots of colors compared to this palette. 

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